Can You Smoke Weed in Public in Montana?

Can You Smoke Weed in Montana?

Yes. Montana cannabis laws permit marijuana consumption by smoking. All eligible cannabis consumers in the state, including registered medical marijuana patients, can legally smoke weed.

Can You Smoke Weed in Public in Montana?

No, it is a punishable offense to smoke marijuana in public in Montana. Marijuana consumers in the state are prohibited from smoking weed on public transport or in school buses. Similarly, they may not smoke weed in correctional facilities, youth centers, school grounds, public parks, recreation centers, beaches, and other public spaces. The Montana Clean Indoor Air Act prohibits using smokable marijuana products in the following enclosed/indoor public spaces:

  • Colleges, K-12 private and public schools, universities, and trade schools
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Retirement homes
  • Foster homes
  • Private residences used as foster care, daycare, and healthcare facilities
  • Work vehicles
  • Government buildings
  • Private and public workspaces
  • Social organizations
  • Bars, casinos, restaurants, nightclubs, and cocktail lounges. (Montana prohibits cannabis consumption lounges)
  • Auditoriums

Can You Smoke Weed in a Vehicle in Montana?

Montana prohibits smoking weed in a stationary or moving vehicle. It is illegal to use cannabis while driving a motor vehicle or to operate a vehicle after smoking weed. However, eligible consumers can travel with cannabis products within the state, provided they are in closed containers and tucked away from public view in locked storage compartments of the vehicle.

Who Can Smoke Marijuana in Montana?

Adults (aged 21 years or older) and patients (aged 18 years or older), registered under the Montana Medical Marijuana Program, can legally smoke cannabis in Montana.

Where Can You Legally Smoke Weed in Montana?

Cannabis consumers in Montana can smoke marijuana in their private residences with the owners' permission for those living in rented accommodations. State law prohibits smoking weed in outdoor public spaces, college campuses, public or private offices, and on federal properties. Montana makes no provisions for marijuana consumption lounges.

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