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How Much Does the Montana Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

The Cannabis Control Division administers Montana’s medical cannabis program and issues medical marijuana cards to patients registered in the program. When applying for a MMJ card in the state, a patient must provide a Physician's Statement attesting that they have a qualifying medical condition for medical cannabis use. If the patient is a minor, they would need to submit a Physician’s Statement for Minors. Montana provides a digital temporary MMJ card upon submitting an application. This card is available to download and print from the patient’s profile on the Montana medical cannabis application portal. A permanent physical medical cannabis card is then issued once an application for a new or renewed registration has been processed.

Cost of Physician Consultation

Montana accepts physician recommendations for medical cannabis issued by medical doctors (MDs) and Doctors of Osteopathy (DOs) licensed to practice in the state. These written certifications must be signed by certifying physicians to be valid. A minor applying for Montana’s medical cannabis card must provide two of such physician’s statements, unless the certifying physician is an oncologist, neurologist, or epileptologist. In addition to confirming a debilitating medical condition that would benefit from cannabis use, a physician’s statement must also confirm that the physician is the ongoing primary care provider for the patient for their named condition. The physician can recommend a higher monthly purchase limit in their statement or a shorter period to use medical cannabis that is less than the one year duration of a regular Montana medical cannabis card. While physicians do not charge for physician’s statements, they are allowed to charge patients for the visits or consultations leading to providing such statements. In Montana, patients may expect to pay between $100 and $350 for this consultation.

Montana Medical Marijuana Card Fee

The Montana Cannabis Control Division charges $20 for a medical marijuana card. The renewal fee for this card is also $20. A patient who loses or damages their MMJ card must pay $10 for a replacement card.

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