How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Montana?

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How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Montana?

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Montana charge different prices for the same amount of cannabis depending on their location. Other factors that influence the cost of medical marijuana include the strain and quality of marijuana used in the final product. Prices also vary by cannabis product type. On average, the price of 1 ounce of high quality marijuana in Montana is $269 while the same amount of medium quality marijuana goes for $245.

Can You Use a Credit Card at a Dispensary in Montana?

No. Most Montana dispensaries do not accept credit cards because of the likelihood of banks and credit card companies blocking marijuana-related transactions. With the US government still prohibiting marijuana, financial institutions are quick to flag and block transactions involving marijuana transfer. Montana dispensaries accept cash and debit cards from medical cannabis patients. Some of them even accept mobile app money transfers.

Does Montana Tax Medical Marijuana Sales?

Yes. Montana levies a 4% tax on medical marijuana sales. In addition to this, each medical marijuana transaction may incur a local tax depending on the location of the dispensary where this transaction occurred. Local marijuana sales tax in Montana is capped at 3%.

Does Recreational Marijuana Cost More Than Medical Marijuana in Montana?

Recreational marijuana is likely to cost more than medical marijuana at dispensaries in Montana. This is because the state sets a higher tax on recreational marijuana sales. In addition to the 3% local sales tax, Montana sets a sales tax of 20% on recreational cannabis.

How to Save Money on the Cost of Medical Marijuana in Montana

While Montana does not have a special program offering lower cost medical marijuana to select groups of registered patients, it does allow medical cannabis patients to grow up to four mature cannabis plants and four seedlings at home for their personal use. This provision allows patients to save on the cost of their medical marijuana prescriptions. These patients can also spend less on medical cannabis by making changes such as switching to edibles and trying lower doses to see if they get the same therapeutic benefits as their regular doses.

Montana dispensaries also help patients save on the cost of medical marijuana by offering periodic discounts and sales. Patients may, therefore, benefit from shopping around at different dispensaries near them to see if they can get lower prices or better product selections.

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